Huawei EchoLife HG8247H

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The Huawei EchoLife HG8247H is an routing-type ONT used in the Huawei all-optical access solution.It uses GPON technology to provide ultra-broadband access for users.
It provides 4 GE+2 POTS+1 USB+1 RF+2.4G WiFi(4 GE Ethernet ports,2 POTS ports, 1 USB port, 1 RF port and 1 2.4G WiFi port). High-performance forwarding provides voice, data, CATV and HD video services, and provides users with ideal terminal solutions and future-oriented service support capabilities.

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Smart interconnection
 Smart Wi-Fi coverage (V300R015C10)
 SIP/H.248 auto-negotiation
 Any port any service
 Parental control (V300R015C10)
 L2/L3(IPv4) forwarding: 1G uplink, 2G downlink

Smart service
 Smart Wi-Fi sharing: Portal/802.1x authentication (V300R015C10) SoftGRE-based sharing (V300R015C10)
 Association of one account with two POTS ports

Smart O&M
 Variable-length OMCI messages
 Active/Passive rogue ONT detection and isolation
 Call emulation, and circuit test and loop-line test
 PPPoE/DHCP simulation testing
 WLAN emulation

Layer 3 Features
 Port forwarding
 DDNS/DNS server/DNS client
 IPv6/IPv4 dual stack
 Static/Default routes
 Multiple services on one WAN port

 IGMP v2/v3 proxy(V300R015C00) /snooping
 MLD v1/v2 snooping
 Multicast services through Wi-Fi

 Ethernet port rate limitation
 802.1p priority
 Broadcast packet rate limitation

 SPI firewall
 Filtering based on MAC/IP/URL addresses

Common O&M
 OMCI/Web UI/TR069
 Dual-system software backup and rollback

Power Saving
 Dynamic power saving
 Indicator power saving
 Scheduled Wi-Fi shutdown (V300R015C00)

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