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Apacer USB AH25B 128GB Flash Drive


Unique contrast design
With a unique “Contrast Design” approach, Apacer’s design team combines the matte metal shell with a translucent cover to form a dual sight and touch contrast, add more aesthetic gradations with joyfulness when using the products.

Portable and fashionable
In addition to ultra-light touch, the smooth matte body is anti-drop and wear proof so that the user doesn’t worry about getting fingerprint marks on it.

Dual-color mix and match
The “Sunrise Red” AH25B USB 3.2 Gen 1 shows the high contrast of red and black highlights the unique passionate nature of the product. Also, the “Deep Valley Black” AH25B USB 3.2 Gen 1 reflects the cool and professional image of the user with a mysterious black matte body. The strong distinction manifests the theme of “Contrast Design” and brings more selectable styles for the user.

Apacer USB AH25B 128GB Flash Drive

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