Optical node – MON-1923 without laser


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MON-1923 is a modern two-way optical node designed to operate in HFC networks, which use DOCSIS technology. The node is equipped with an automatic gain control system – AGC. This system reacts to the value of the optical power at the input of the receiver and corrects it in order to provide a constant, previously set output signal.

MON-1923 may be equipped with one of the available return path optical transmitters. Depending on individual needs, it can be either the module with Fabry-Perota FP, Distributed Feedback DFB or Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing CWDM laser.



  • dedicated to HFC and FTTB networks,
  • 1 GHz frequency range,
  • easy configuration – adjustable and universal plug-in modules,
  • built-in AGC  (Automatic Gain Control),
  • 3-stage LED indication of input optical power level,
  • ptical transmitter realized as a plug-in module,
  • local or remote powering,
  • metal, die-cast housing.
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