Rack – IP55 outdoor rack 6U-22U


IP55 19′′ Outdoor Cabinets for Telecommunication



Product Description

Product Description
IP55 19′′ Outdoor Cabinets for Telecommunication


  • 19 inch street cabinet,outdoor application
  • Reliable 19″ international structure, Double wall  type
  • Outdoor floor standing or fixed on poles
  • Front  single solid metal door with handle lock
  • Enhance door hinges with 130 degrees operation angle
  • Rear single solid metal panel
  • Top with 2/8 fans for airflow&cooling, fan size: 120*120*38 mm
  • Several lockable wiring holes on top/bottom, size of the large hole at the bottom adjustable
  • Varies specification upon customers’ special requirements
  • with 1 pc of lighting system,smoke alarm,temperature sensor
    Width: 600,800 mm
    Depth: 600,800mm
    Height: 6U,9U,12U, 15U, 18U,22U, 27U, 32U, 37U, 42U, 47U
  • Customized size is available
  • Flexible packing methods allows for convenient stocking and end user delivery.

Standard and Material:
Comply with ANSI/EIA,RS-310-D;IEC297 2;DIN41491:PART1;DIN41494:PART7;GB/T3047.2-92 standard and ETSI standard.
Surface Finish:
Degrease, acid pickling, rust prevention and parkerizing,pure water cleaning, static electricity powder coating
SPCC cold rolled steel or Zink-plated panel or stainless steel
Mounting profile:2.0mm,others: 1.50mm
IP degree: 
Color:Body color:
RAL5012(Top cover and base);RAL7035(The others)

IP55 19'' Outdoor Cabinets for Telecommunication

NO. Item 600 wide Materials Treatment Note
1 Frame 2 2 1.5mm SPCC steel Powder coating
2 Front Door 1 1 solid metal double wall type
3 Side Door 0 0
4 Back Door 1 1 solid metal double wall type
5 Lock 2 2 Handle Lock
6 Top cover 1 1 1.5mm SPCC steel Powder coating
7 Rear door panel 1 1 1.5mm SPCC steel Powder coating
8 Fan unit 1 1 1.2mm SPCC steel Powder coating
9 Ac  fan 2-8 2-8 D>800,6-8pcs
10 Bottom panel 1 1 SPCC T=2.0 Powder coating
11 Earthing bolts 1 1 SPCC T=1.5 25 cm
12 Castors tray SPCC T=2.5 Powder coating
13 Castors
14 Ajustable feet
15 Mounting angle 2 2 SPCC T=1.5 Powder coating
16 19inch rails 4 4 SPCC T=2.0 Powder coating
17 Cable management 2 SPCC T=1.5 Powder coating Only for 800 W

Optional Accessory

  • Fixed/cantilever shelf, sliding shelf, for 600mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm depth cabinet
  • 19” keyboard frame (350mm, 550mm, 650mm, 730mm)
  • 1U, 2U support board
  • Vertical Cable manager
  • 19” Power distribution unit(PDU)
  • 19” Blanking plate 1U, 2U, 4U
  • Heavy duty castor, Heavy duty castor with braker
  • Optional lock for side panels
  • Earth kit
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