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Mate CAT6 305M – 23 AWG

Inner Conductor Electrolytic Copper
Insulation 1.00 Solid PE
Insulating Color IEC 708-1
Twisting The veins are in pairs and all the pairs are twisted together
Outer Sheath PVC Gray (EN 50290-2, HD 21.1.S4, VDE 0281TM1)
PE Black (EN 50290 -2 -24)
HFFR Gray (EN 50290-2, VDE 0207, HD624.7 S1 HM2)
Sheath Diameter 7.00mm
Screen Al-Pes Foil with 0.50mm Tinned Copper Earth Wire
Knitting Get. 65%
standards IEC 189, IEC 708, EIA/TIA 568
Copper Weight (kg/km) 16
Cable Weight (kg/km) 44
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