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Fiber Optic Jacket Slitting Tool

  • Compact and easy to use ONE-STEP jacket slitter for PVC jacketed fiber cables.
  • Provides two jacket slits 180 degrees apart with nick free jacket slitting required for cable preparation on certain fiber connectors.
  • Blade cassettes have blade indicator marks providing the exact location of the blade for an accurate cable preparation length.
  • Model FOJST 2/3 mm (Part No: 81210) has blade cassettes with two slitting channels to accommodate the various jacket sizes.
  • Model FOJST 1.6/2.4 mm (Part No: 81215 is also available)
  • Factory set non-adjustable blade cassette for repeatable and exact cable preparation each and every time
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Dimensions: 2.875 x .875 x 2.125 in (73.03 x 22.23 x 53.98 mm)
  • Weight: .94 oz (26.7 g)