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Smart Pet Fountain EU

Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain EU – smart water fountain for your pets. Connected to the Xiaomi Home app for Android and iOS, alerting you to refill water, change the filter, clean the fountain, etc. Automatic shutdown of the device when the lid is removed or the water is not enough. Replaceable four-stage filter captures fine particles, hair and residual chlorine including Ca and Mg ions. Transparent water level monitoring window, 2l water tank capacity. Made of food grade materials.


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The Xiaomi Smart Pet Water Fountain features a circulating flowing water spring that offers you a clean and reliable source of water for small animals. Chronically drinking insufficient or unclean water can have serious negative effects on the kidney and urinary health of pets. This smart pet fountain simulates a mountain stream, using a circular water circuit to offer oxygenated running water that meets the nature of pets and enhances their interest in drinking water.

With the four-stage efficient deep filtering, the fine particles, hair, and residual chlorine including Ca and Mg ions that cause kidney stones are effectively intercepted and filtered, ensuring healthy and tasty water that pets love to drink. The height of the fountain has been repeatedly tested to avoid splashing sounds while attracting the pet. Diversion of water is designed for slow and quiet flowing, while an overhead pump can reduce resonance. The operating noise is controlled to keep noise levels down. While the three-stage muting brings a quiet environment with quiet operation.

The lights on the front provide intuitive and easy-to-understand indications, while the transparent window enables real-time monitoring of water levels. When there is insufficient water, the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app and the red water level indicator on the fountain will remind you to top up the water.

Paired with the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app, it can push reminders to your phone when it is necessary to add water or to clean the fountain and replace the filter. Simply tap the function button or use the App to switch between different modes for daily use.

Circulating Water Spring
4-Stage Filtering
Quiet running
Transparent Water Level Window
Smart Home Connection
Input Parameters: 5.9V⎓1.0 A
Rated Power: 5.9W
Capacity: 2L
Power Cord Length:1.5m
Operating Temperature: 4 – 40°C
Product Dimensions: 19.1 x 19.1 x 17.7 cm
Product Weight: 3000g

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