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Bottom Box for faceplate 86X114X33MM

The Bottom Box for faceplate 86X114X33MM is a compact, durable enclosure designed for organizing and securing data networking connections. It provides a standardized mounting solution for faceplates, ensuring tidy and accessible termination points in residential, commercial, or industrial settings.

The Bottom Box for Faceplate 86X114X33MM is designed to accompany and support standard faceplates in network installations. With dimensions of 86x114x33mm, it provides ample space for concealing cables and ensuring a tidy appearance.

This bottom box is compatible with 86x114mm faceplates, offering a secure fit and professional finish when integrated into wall-mounted installations. It supports standard structured cabling setups, accommodating various network cables and connectors.

Crafted from durable materials, the bottom box ensures robust performance and longevity in both residential and commercial environments. It facilitates easy installation and maintenance, contributing to an organized and efficient network infrastructure.