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The CAT6 UTP Modular Plug EZ Type (Pass-Through) is a high-performance connector designed for terminating CAT6 unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cables. This modular plug features an EZ pass-through design, which simplifies the termination process and ensures precise and reliable connections. It is ideal for high-speed network installations where performance and ease of use are paramount.

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The CAT6 UTP Modular Plug EZ Type (Pass Through) is designed for convenient and reliable Ethernet cable terminations in CAT6 networks. This pass-through modular plug supports high-speed data transmission up to 1 Gbps, suitable for home and small office networks.

Featuring an EZ type design, this modular plug allows the conductor wires to pass through the connector, simplifying the termination process. It is compatible with CAT6 cables and ensures optimal conductivity for stable network connections.

Crafted for ease of installation and durability, the CAT6 UTP Modular Plug EZ Type is ideal for both DIY projects and professional network installations. It provides a secure and efficient solution for terminating Ethernet cables, maintaining consistent performance and reliability in various network environments.