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CM60 Portable USB Camera

Fanvil CM60 Portable HD USB Camera is specially designed for matching with Fanvil high-end IP phones. Fanvil keeps bringing more valuable products to our customers. Considering the updated models in the coming future, Fanvil CM60 was given more powerful features like 1080P resolution, strong flexibility on installation, possessing a cover that protecting privacy and etc.

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The CM60 HD video camera goes well with Fanvil’s executive phones, such as the Fanvil X7A Phone. It can be easily installed and placement is flexible as it can be moved around to find the best possible angle. It features a privacy shutter switch for peace of mind. Overall the CM60 USB Camera offers a secure and high-quality video solution.

  • Plug and Play
  • Adjustable Angle and Flexible Placement
  • HD 2 Mega Pixels Camera
  • Privacy Shutter Switch
  • Suitable for Fanvil High-end Phones
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