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Huawei - HG8240 GPON ONU


  • 1.Build-in 4 fast ethernet ports and 2 telphone ports
    2.high speed, strong signal3.The 4 fast ethernet ports is an ideal solution for the SOHO environment, providing the speed up to 24Mbps for 4 PCs4.Internal performance standard:Q/DKBA1115-20095.Support EPON(upstream 1.25Gpbs/downstream 1.25Gpbs)6.Support 4FE.2POTS7.size: net weight: 500g

    9.The power supply:11V~14V DC,1A

    10.Power adapter input:100V~240V. AC    50Hz~60Hz

    11.The biggest power consumption:12W

    12.Work environment temperature:0°c~+40°c

    13.Work environment humidity:5%~95%

Huawei - HG8240 GPON ONU

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