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mFi mPort-S Serial

The Ubiquiti mFi mPort-S has two mFi RJ45 connectors and a terminal block connector. The Ubiquiti mFi mPort-S features RS232/422/485 serial connectivity through a standard DB9 serial port or a terminal block connector. This device also has built-in WiFi and Ethernet to connect to the IP network.

Ubiquiti mFi mPort-S Key Features

  • 2 mFi RJ45 Connectors
  • 1 Terminal Block Connector
  • Built-In WiFi and Ethernet
  • Plug and Play Installation
  • Cloud and Mobile Support

Once a machine is connected through the serial interface, the Ubiquiti mFi mPort-S can attach to the IP network using built-in Wi-Fi or Ethernet. From there, a terminal screen can be launched through the mFi controller software to control the connected machine. The Ubiquiti mFi mPort-S also features an external antenna connector to support longer range industrial applications.

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