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Mi LED Ceiling Light

Yeelight LED Ceiling Light is the perfect light bulb for the nightstand and can accompany you while you read a book or relax before bed. You can adjust the brightness and the temperature of the light with the remote and create a suiting atmosphere for every occassion. The light bulb is dimmable, dustproof and equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The quality lamp has a battery life of 25 000 hours and takes only 5 minutes to install. – Equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth – Adjustable light and color temperature – Battery life of 25 000 hours – Comes with a remote


Wide Beam Angle to illuminate every corner of the room

Wide illumination area to cover more areas of the room and effectively reduce lightning dead ends.

Adjust the brightness and color temperature freely

Luminous flux is up to 2200lm, easily to switch between dark night and daylight. 2700K-600K adjustable color temperature for you to enjoy different light color.

Render the brilliant colors of the world

Applying music lightning standards that color rendering is up to Ra95 to render the original color of objects and effectively eliminate the impact from low color rendering index on vision.

Unique Moonlight, Good companion at dark night

Using Mi Smart LED Ceiling Light night mode with ultra-low brightness of only 1.5lm. Bright enough for you to get a cup of water at dark night without disturbing your families.

IP50 Dust-proof design

Use IP50 dust-proof sealed design to solve the troublesome problem of backlog of dust and insect in the lampshade.

TV Backlight Technology makes softer light

Using TV lens technology and high-density lamp head beads arrangement technology to fully divergent the refracted light to bring you a more gentle and more uniform visual experience.

Easy and Fast Installation and Removal

No longer trouble for the installation and removal with the unique coupler quick-installation module, just slightly push the slide lock to install and remove.

Smart operation via phone

Remotely control the ceiling light via Mijia APP or Yeelight APP, Freely to adjust brightness and color temperature via your mobile phone.

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3100 lumens
up to 30 sqm

Up to 11 years (8 hours usage per day)

Color Temperature:
2700-6500K (pure white)
Apple Homekit
Mi Home
Voice Assistant:

Google Assistant

Rated Power:

45W / 220V


ABS Aluminum Alloy