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Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier

Finally, there is a humidifier in Xiaomi’s smart home range! As usual, stylish and neat in its design, which means that it looks good everywhere in your home. The humidifier comes with three pre-programmed humidity modes and you control it easily with your Mi Home app. The large water tank can withstand up to 14 hours of maximum humidification, so you never have to worry about the air at home.

– Total control with the Mi Home app

– Large water tank that can be easily removed when filling

– Minimalist design that fits everywhere


Full control, anywhere

It comes equipped with three preset humidity modes that you can easily set in your Mi Home app on your phone. With the help of the app, you can also have full control of your humidifier from a distance or set timers that suit your everyday life. If you set the humidifier to automatic mode, it keeps track of the humidity level at home, completely according to your preferences!

Looks great, anywhere

It has a very minimalist and well-built design, which means that it, like all Xiaomi smart home products, looks good anywhere in your home. With its elegant atmospheric light, you can easily read the humidity level at home so that you always have full control. In addition, it is quiet in use. It always maintains a level below 38 dB and has an ultra-quiet mode that can be run when you go to sleep.

Easy to use

The new smart humidifier from Xiaomi has a large water tank of 4.5 liters. The water tank can run an impressive 12-15 hours before it is easily filled up without having to lift out of the water tank, all so that you do not have to spill or lift heavily. The water that you top up is purified from bacteria automatically by UV-C light directly in the tank.

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