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Mi Smart4u

Alarming system plus passive protection. Long standby for 180 hours. Consistent for 36 hours. One button control for three light modes. Streamline brim of helmet. 12 ventilation hole. Waterproof and sturdy.

– Automactic alarming light
– Magnectic charge
– Long standby
-IPX4 waterproof

Color : Black

Be young is an attitude

– Strive for your life at will.
– It keeps you safe anytime
– Alarming system passive protection

Simple Outlook Design

– Streamline brim of helmet.
– Bring great visual feeling.
– Applicable for bicycles, scooters electric motor car. etc.

Automatic light sensor LED alarming signal

– Seven LED with high-brightness
– Bright without glare.
– Fine mirror finish craft.
– Visibility distance over 180m.

One button. Various modes.


Charge 2 hours. Use for 2 weeks.

Long standby for 180 hours.
Consistent for 36 hours.
Magnectic charge design, convenient and safe.

12 ventilation hole.

– Aerodynamics adopted.
– The number of vent hole decides the efficiency of ventilation and perspire

PC shell. Heigh-density EPS.

Integrated mode. Stronger anti-shock.

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