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Mi Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Drill

Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Electric Drill, an advanced cordless drill equipped with an intelligent chip and smart screen display. Unlike a conventional drill, Xiaomi 12V Max uses magnets for power generation. Hence it reduces maintenance costs, improves efficiency, overcomes friction and ensures a smooth user experience.

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Stable and reliable operation

Electromechanically integrated design for safe spark-free operation. Wear-resistant motor, low output noise and high power conversion. No need to replace carbon brushes, extending the life of the unit.

Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Cordless Drill

Smart Display

High-resolution display with real-time display of current operating mode and ratchet speed. Radical redefinition of traditional tool concepts without sacrificing power specifically for your applications.

Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Cordless Drill

Switch between three modes with the touch of a button

You can switch between the three operating modes at any time by touching the button at the bottom of the display. For beginners and professionals, from conventional to repair work, the device meets the needs of different groups of people in every possible circumstance at the touch of a button.

Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Cordless Drill

Precise 30-degree adjustment

The round, unrestricted regulator with a 30-step adjustment that can be adjusted gradually or by switching quickly between speeds. Depending on the drill/driver’s mode of operation, the maximum torque or speed can be adjusted separately, ensuring precise and accurate work to meet all the needs of professionals.

Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Cordless Drill

Smooth and convenient automatic torque detection

The built-in smart chip automatically selects the required torque depending on the application situation. The screwdriver mode automatically locks when the screw is tightened, avoiding breakage or breakage due to over-tightening.

Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Cordless Drill

Simple control of intermittent start and stop

The safe pulse mode is more suitable for beginners thanks to the integrated intelligent speed control chip. In addition, intermittent start/stop rotation ensures safe operation. This also effectively reduces the possibility of damaging soft material.

Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Cordless Drill

Suitable for a variety of materials

Easily screw/drill wood such as soft pine and hard beech, metals such as aluminum tubes and steel sheets, and plastics such as water pipes and acrylic.

Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Cordless Drill

Drill and screwdriver modes

Easily switch between drill and screwdriver modes with the push of a button and a twist. Integrated all-metal variable speed gearbox meets the requirements for different speeds in different application situations.

Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Cordless Drill

Unlimited gear shifting

Unlimited speed setting with the starter – speed increases gradually with increasing thrust. The slow stop design can protect the user during high-torque operation.

Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Cordless Drill

Minimalist, screwless design

Maintaining the minimalist design of Xiaomi screwdrivers, the elegantly designed body has no visible screws on the surface. The handle is designed to fit perfectly in the hand for more comfortable and safer handling.

Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Cordless Drill

Wireless, portable design

The built-in high-quality 2000 mAh lithium battery is designed to drive 550 self-tapping screws on a full charge. The innovative battery design eliminates the need for additional bulky battery packs. It comes with a 1-meter Type-C fast charging cable and a charging adapter with a Type-C universal charging connector for convenient charging at any time.

Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Cordless Drill

Waterproof storage case

The portable storage case is made of waterproof fabric. The main unit, accessory box, adapter and charger can be stored in the bag for easy portability.

Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Cordless Drill

Ideal for many working conditions

24 different types of steel drill bits in 9 general categories with a maximum hardness of 60 HRC for strength and durability. The magnetic 60mm extension is used in many situations. Eight different sizes of wood and metal drill bits meet the requirements when drilling in a wide range of materials.

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