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Optical Node MON-1629 LN

  • dedicated to FTTB and RFoG networks,
  • Lon-noise receiver,
  • High output RF level,
  • frequency range 1GHz,
  • easy uninterrupted adjustment,
  • built-in AGC,
  • local / remote powering,
  • power transfer.

MON-1629LN – is a compact optical node with high RF output level. It can be implemented in FTTB and RFoG applications.

MON-1629LN allows uninterrupted transmission in both – forward and reverse paths due to use of unique AUTO-LINK system in RF line during plug-in modules change. For the time of plug-in change, 5dB parallel circuit is automatically enabled. When plug-in module is placed, parallel circuit is disabled automatically. Switching time is app. 500ns.

MON-1629LN is equipped with laser action enabling mechanism – BURST MODE. Return path optical transmitter is enabled when modem transmission is detected. Transmitter turns ON when signal level reaches 72 dBμV (level can be adjusted) on input port of optical node. Due to such mechanism, operator may – via optical splitter – connect several optical nodes, depending on network topology and transmit signal to Return Path Receiver in Head End. This solution reduces noise level in return Path.

MON-1629LN is a modern optical node that meets expectations resulting from conditions at the last mile of a fibre. It allows flexible network configuration basing on topology and business requirements. Basing on standard configuration modules it is easy to configure and
allow maintenance costs reduction.

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