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Shelly i3 WiFi Relay Switch

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WiFi-operated action and scenes activation device


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Command other connected Shelly relays

Command other connected Shelly relays, sensors, or HTTP, MQTT or CoAP controlled devices through discrete commands on the home network or scenes in the cloud

Intercepting the states of physical buttons

It is an actuator capable of intercepting the states of physical buttons and switches (up to three connected to it) and communicating these changes of state, via Wi-Fi, to home automation

In essence, connected to wall switches / buttons it can be used to operate scenarios defined at the Shelly app or via MQTT or other channels, towards personal HUBs

110-240 АC and 24-60V DC

It can be powered both 110-240 АC and 24-60V DC, supports up to 24 possible scenarios.

Smaller than a Shelly 1

It is a very small component – as Shelly tradition – to understand, it is slightly smaller than a Shelly 1

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