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VRLA Battery ULTRACELL 12V 100Ah

This series has a longer discharge time compared to other batteries. Its special plate design increases the life cycle of the battery especially in warmer temperatures.
A special separator within the battery can boost its performance.

• hybrid GEL = electrolyte is bound in a hybrid gel (combination with AGM)
• higher maximum discharge currents
• absolutely maintenance-free (in terms of water replenishment)
• Much longer cycle life than a conventional flooded battery
• during cyclic operation, charging voltage 14.4 – 14.9V at a temperature of 25 ° C
• when operating the backup power supply, charging voltage 13.5 – 13.8V at a temperature of 25 ° C
• resistance to deep discharge (better resists deep discharge)
• vibration-proof
• non-pourable block – leak-proof, the battery can work permanently at an angle of inclination of up to 90 °
• It is not a dangerous product of the FAA and IATA categories

Ultracell battery UCG series, optimal life is given in cycles at a temperature of 20 ° C, the number of cycles with regular discharge to 50% D.O.D. (D.O.D. = depth of discharge, 50% energy is removed from the battery) is about 800 cycles.

These traction batteries are designed primarily for the following applications:
• power supply for ELECTRIC MOTORS (golf carts, fishing boats, etc.)
• CARRIVES (caravans, trailers, external power supplies)
• SHIPS, BOATS, SAILING BOATS (for electric motor and for powering appliances on board)
• SOLAR DEVICE (cyclic charging and discharging – solar energy accumulated in the battery)
• can also be used for industrial applications

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