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WXO-919NG - distribution amplifier


WXO‐919NG MZ5‐line amplifier 60V, 5/8 conn

The WXO-919NG amplifier is designed for professional multimedia cable TV networks, which uses transmission in reverse path for Internet or VoIP – HFC architecture. In such networks, WXO amplifiers perform the function of final amplifiers.

GaAs hybrid circuit applied in WXO-919NG guarantees high quality of signal parameters – high output level with very low inter-modulation distortions. GaAs technology enables reduction of power consumption which has an influence on CATV network maintenance costs.



  • high output level: 2 × 104dBµV,
  • RF two outputs,
  • easy configuration – universal JXP plug-in modules,
  • active return path,
  • build-in overvoltage protection,
  • remote power supply (from input),
  • ingress filter (17 MHz),
  • robust, shock resistant metal housing.

WXO-919NG - distribution amplifier