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Xiaomi Commuter Backpack

The Mi Commuter Backpack is one of the backpacks of the Xiaomi family characterized by a quality clearly designed to simplify daily tasks. It is designed for those users who carry computers and tablets safely, lightly and comfortably. Its construction is based on high quality level 4 water resistant materials.

It comes in two versions, on the one hand the large version that will allow us to transport computers, tablets and larger electronic elements, and on the other hand, the wallet that will allow us to transport smaller elements. They can be used together or separately.

Both accessories come in gray with leather finishes, thus achieving great visual appeal. Its bands are comfortable and resistant to provide great comfort and lightness of use. Thanks to its materials, the Mi Commuter Backpack supports heavy weights without being uncomfortable.


Product name:Xiaomi Commuter Backpack

Product colourLight blue, Light grey, Dark grey

Model no.:XDLGX-04

Product capacityApproximately 21 L

Dimensions:320 × 160 × 440 mm

Product materials:

Fabric: Polyester fiberLining: Polyester fiber