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OLT C300 Completed Control,Uplink,Power Cards
2xSCXM,2xPRWG,2xGUFQ and other accessories

Technical description

Basic features
Backplane capacity: 5,76 Tbit/s
Switching capacity 800 Gbit/s
Number of service cards 14 (GPON/P2P/XG-PON1)
Number of control cards 2
Number of power supply cards 2
Number of uplink cards 2 (10GE/GE/FE/E1/T1)
Maximum number of GPON subscribers 16384
Management Interfaces CLI, SSH, SNMP, telnet
Dimensions 10U (443,7 x 482,6 x 270 mm)
Power -48 V (DC)
Working temperature and humidity -25°C – 55°C, 5% – 95%
GPON ITU G.984.x features
Split Ratio up to 1:256
Range 20-60 km
Maximum attenuation SFP B 28 dB, SFP C 32 dB
Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation NSR-DBA, SR-DBA
Support FEC, AES128, SCB, OLS
L2/L3 Features
Routing Static IPV4 a IPV6
Multicast IGMP Snooping/Proxy/SPR a MLD Snooping/Proxy, 256 multicast VLAN, CAC, PRV, CDR
QoS 8 queues/port, SP, DWRR, DSPC (re)mark, CIR, PIR, EIR
Security features L2-L4 ACL, IP a MAC source guard, DOS protection, MAC/IP anti-spoofing, Anti-flooding, DHCP 82
Features VLAN, SVLAN, QinQ, VLAN Stacking, STP/RSTP/MSTP, DHCP Server, DHCP Relay, DHCP Proxy, IPv4/IPv6 dual stack
Cards specification
Control and switching cards SCTM – Suitable for XGPON1, supports 16 port GPON cards,higher switching power, 4x 10GE uplink interface, 2x management interface
SCXN – Supports 16 port GPON cards, 4x GE uplink interface, 2x management interface
SCXL – No uplink interfaces, 2x management interface
GPON cards GTXO – 4/8 XGPON1 ports, split ratio up to 1:256
GTGO – 8 GPON ports, split ratio up to 1:256
GTGH – 16 GPON ports, split ratio up to 1:128
FTGK – 48 P2P ports (WDM) or 24 GE ports (separated fibers for uplink / downlink)
Uplink cards GUFQ – 4x SFP (GE)
GUSQ – 2x SFP (GE), 2x RJ45 (GE)
XUTQ – 4x SFP (10GE)
HUTQ – 4x SFP (2x10GE, 2xGE)
HUVQ – 4x SFP (2x10GE/GE, 2xGE/FE)
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