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Faceplate Dual Port 86X114MM

The Faceplate Dual Port 86X114MM is a component used in structured cabling systems for organizing and presenting data or voice connections. It features two ports, typically designed to accommodate keystone jacks or modules, allowing for flexible configurations such as Ethernet, telephone, or multimedia applications. This faceplate provides a clean and professional appearance on walls or surfaces where connectivity points are needed, ensuring easy access and efficient management of network connections in various environments.

The Faceplate Dual Port 86X114MM is designed to streamline and organize your network and telephone connections. Measuring 86x114mm, it fits standard wall boxes and offers a clean, professional appearance for any installation.

Featuring two ports, this faceplate allows for easy installation of network or telephone cables, ensuring a tidy and efficient setup. It supports various keystone jacks, providing flexibility for different cabling needs. Made from durable, high-quality plastic, it ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.

The primary purpose of the dual port faceplate is to provide a secure and accessible interface for your connections, making it ideal for structured cabling systems in homes and offices. With included mounting screws, it is simple to install, helping maintain an organized and efficient wiring system.