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Mi Electric Scooter M365

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Xiaomi’s original M365 is one of our most popular products. Winners at various design awards and with over 700,000 units sold worldwide! In terms of its properties, it is easy to understand how it has become so popular so quickly.

-Up to 30km range
-Three driving modes with 25km / h top speed
-12.7kg weight and folded in under 3 seconds
-Tires with air for comfortable driving

Colors : BLACK / WHITE


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Lightweight and strong material

The electric scooter has a robust body made of aluminium – which has resulted in its light weight and high structural toughness. It also has the ability to conduct heat and resist corrosion for enhanced durability. You can easily fold the scooter in 3 seconds and carry it with you.

One button, several functions

The single button comes with several functions. Press the button once to start and keep it in to turn it off. While Mi Electric Scooter is on, a short press will either activate or shut off the headlights. To switch between normal and power saving mode, double tap.

Drive safely day as night

The electric scooter is equipped with an ultra-bright headlight that can light up your path up to 6 meters. The red taillights in the back will flash red while braking, to warn other vehicles and pedestrians. Besides that, Mi Electric Scooter 365 has a double-breaking system for an effective and reactive braking distance of just 4 meters.

Built-in Bluetooth for convenient use

Transform your smartphone into the dashboard by connecting your smartphone to Mi Electric Scooter via Bluetooth. Utilize the app to view remaining power, current velocity, and other real-time statistics. Firmware updates guarantee that you will always have the most optimal riding experience possible.

Longer battery life

To ensure a longer battery life, Mi Electric Scooter converts kinetic energy during acceleration into electrical power. It also features regenerative braking for extra power. This will in turn improve the emergency braking experience, all while increasing battery life.

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