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Outdoor AGC optical receiver WS-OR303

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Performance Characteristic
Adopt waterproof aluminum shell and the waterproof level coul dreach to IP65 grade.
Can be hanged on steel strand and wall.
Double shield panel that can ensure the excellent EMC index.
Advanced GaAs low noise amplified circuit increases the receiving sensitivity.
AGC control range 2~-8dBm, output level unchanged.
Precision detection circuit can real-time display the output power.
accurately through LED lamp or digital tube.
The branch and distribution can be exchanged.
AC – 60v has independent power supply port.
Built-in convenient and quick replacement button fuse block.
Adopts the T E anti surge lightning resistance road, effectively prevent damage of the power supply.
Product application
OR303 optical receiver is an outdoor 2 outputs and waterproofing receiver. It is mainly used in the FTTB network that can realize the analog and digital signal to the users. It can work together with ONU or EOC to realize the network convergence. With AGC function, when the optical input power 2~-8dBm, the output level will be same, which is easy for debugging.
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