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Passive converter MM/SM (Female / Male), 1550/1310 SC


A passive converter MM/SM (Female/Male), 1550/1310 SC, is designed to convert multimode (MM) optical signals to single-mode (SM) and vice versa. This device features SC connectors and supports wavelengths of 1550 nm and 1310 nm. It enables seamless integration between different fiber optic types, allowing efficient data transmission over longer distances. Ideal for networking environments, it ensures compatibility and flexibility in fiber optic communication systems.

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LOAM <2.5 dB <0.5 dB
PDL <1.0 dB <0.2 dB
Temperature range of work -30 ÷ 50 deg C, TDL <0.5 dB
Max. the length of the link limited by the power budget and inter-modal dispatch of the episode
multimode. For 1 Gbps transmission, max. the length of the episode
MM <400 m