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WHO-929NG – distribution amplifier

WHO‐929NG MZ5‐line amplifier 60V, w/STI, 5/8 conn


WHO-929NG amplifier has been designed for professional multimedia cable TV networks, that uses transmission in reverse path – especially with an HFC architecture.

The device is controlled by universal plugins (attenuators) and single dedicated output path division module. It allows to preserve the highest possible MER and BER parameters for digital signals.

WHO-929NG is equipped with a modern and reliable power supply system that guarantees continuous operation in the most arduous conditions.

Its additional functions include division or splitting signal to another output, embedded ingress filter, and simplified configuration excluding enlarged number of inserts.



  • high output level: 114 dBµV (CENELEC 42),
  • how quality low-noise amplification systems,
  • designed for transferring high modulations,
  • easy configuration – universal JXP plug-in modules,
  • active or passive return path,
  • remote power supply transferable to any output,
  • two outputs – division and splitting options,
  • robust, shock resistant housing.