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EDFA 1550nm optical amplifier with high power 32*22dBm

32*22dBm WDM EDFA,new JDSU pump,dual power supply.

WS-50EYxx style high power multi-ports optical amplifier with gain spectrum band within1540~1563nm,which is mainly designed for the application of CATV or 1~8 continuous brandingchannel(ITU wavelength) and also offers a flexible and low-cost solution for CATV large areacoverage of large and medium-sized cities.


WS-ErAxx can realize Single wave transmission,CWDM three waves in single fiber, flat gain.DWDM; it is important fiber transmission equipment of building large and medium -sized CATVnetwork, mainly used in FTTH,FTTB,DBS,MMDS,FTTX pon.





♦  Adopt backup hot plug in power supply specialized for the IBM server, and the microcomputer controlled intelligent temperature control system improves the reliability of the system.

♦  RJ45 internal SNMP interface realized to monitor the equipment remotely.

♦  Adopt the USA corning fiber and ytterbium fiber with high efficient energy conversion. And use top brand low noise pump laser with low distortion, wide bandwidth and high output power.

♦  Use 32 ARM processor and optical output power precision is ±0.05dBm.

♦  Optical input range is -5dBm to +10dBm and the optical output power 27~37dBm.

♦  Stable reliable optical output power circuit, pump laser thermoelectric refrigerator temperature control circuit, independently working pump box can work with +5V power supply. Can change the pump box freely. The pump box internally built independent power supply processing chip and can control  power supply more precisely.

♦  Hot plug CPU control power supply, CPU control working current and on/off of the fan.

♦  Built in microcomputer automatic monitoring circuit, real-time monitoring the optical output power and pump laser working state. The front panel colorful screen can display all the working parameter accurately.

♦  Internal general SNMP protocol, can control the working parameter of the device.

♦  The optical output power can be changed by the SNMP or button on the front panel.

EDFA 1550nm optical amplifier with high power 32*22dBm

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